Be in the Parade

The Northside Parade Committee is thrilled to announce that the beloved annual Fourth of July celebration will be coming back after its 2020 hiatus. While not the typical parade, we are looking forward to putting on an event that is safe, fun, and honors the tradition of our annual event.
This year, we are having a house float event inspired by New Orleans’ 2021 Mardi Gras celebration. This event will draw on the creativity of the ScareCorona project and Northside’s strong Halloween game while allowing people to tour our wonderful neighborhood. The event will include walking routes, a sticker passport for kids, and small-scale block parties. We will have juried prizes for the most creative and absurd porch decorations within the neighborhood limits.
There are many factors that go into planning the annual parade, including permits for gathering and local safety guidelines. While the CDC and other authorities have begun easing restrictions for fully vaccinated people, these were not implemented in time to move forward with the typical parade or the Rock ‘n Roll Carnival, our partner in making the parade happen.
We will also be putting together kits of affordable decorations for those who might need a little boost to get started, and those will be for sale soon. Follow the Fourth of July Parade on Facebook for more information.